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4 Basement Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Basement Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you thinking about adding another room to your house? You can save on costs by remodeling your basement or making the most out of your unfinished basement instead of building a new room from the ground up.

However, be warned since basement remodelling involves tasks that will get your hands full. While many homeowners enjoy transforming their basement into this an entertainment area, man cave, or additional bedroom or living room for the family, not all of them are not yet aware of the required amount of effort and skill required for basement renovation. And, of course, the costs involved.

The last thing you want to happen is to experience any mishaps that will delay the completion of your project. Hence, let us help you out by laying out the four common basement remodeling mistakes you will likely encounter and how to avoid them.

  1. Construction of More Rooms or Partitions than Needed

You will likely feel stressed about remodeling your basement and will add too many rooms or partitions than you need. As a result, it will make your basement feel too cramped up.

And while there is nothing wrong if you want to put up partitions and rooms inside your basement, it is always best and wise to prioritize having a spacious area. But if it can’t be helped, you can always opt for half-wall divisions, dividers, or even furniture that will serve as a boundary between two spaces.

In many basement finishing projects, pocket doors and sliding barn doors are commonly used since ordinary doors can consume space when you open and close it.

  1. Leaving Out Moisture Control and Proper Ventilation

Do you know how old your house is? If you believe it is five to ten years old, you should have the basement’s waterproofing inspected to ensure it is still effective. Inside your unfinished basement, there is always the possibility that water is coming in and a buildup of moisture.

Even though this is not an issue that might endanger your life, all of your work in remodeling your basement will be in vain if you forget about it. Molds and mildews have the potential to develop on the corners and tiles inside of your basement. This also speeds up the decay process for all organic materials and fixtures in your basement—and you surely don’t want that.

You may address this issue by requesting that your contractor put a waterproofing coat or finish on your basement walls. In addition to this, install materials with solid moisture resistance. You also have to make sure that any gaps in the foundation are well-sealed.

  1. Not Soundproofing Your Basement

Whatever basement remodeling plans you have in mind, always consider the noise that will be coming from the levels above it.

The majority of basements are located within hearing distance of various loud pieces of equipment, such as the heater or air conditioner in your house. And in addition to other noisy appliances, you may have placed a refrigerator or washing and dryer in your basement that may produce unpleasant sounds throughout the day.

So, make sure the ceiling is soundproofed unless you want your family date night interrupted with unnecessary noise. If this is the case, soundproofing the ceiling is an absolute need so you can protect your peace.

  1. Failure to Mind the Lighting

Because of its usually unfavorable location, basements get relatively little natural light. This contributes to the eerie and unwelcoming atmosphere that prevails there. Hence, don’t forget to mind the lighting aspect in your basement remodeling plans and ensure you include windows, artificial lighting, and even skylights in your basement.

Incorporating good lighting as part of our basement remodeling project will never be a waste of investment as it can make the space and any room in your house, for that matter, seem more open and inviting.

Ask your basement remodeling contractor to see if they can help you with various types of lighting, namely task lighting, accent lighting, and regular lighting. It is also good to install lighting on your stairs since this will help prevent slips and falls.

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