Basement Builder Utah

Let Basement Builder Utah help you make the most out of your basement or living or working space. We fully understand how important space is for our clients, and we guarantee you that it will all manifest in the quality of our services. 

As basement remodelling and building experts, Basement Builder Utah provides the following services delivered successfully to each of our clients, from start to finish.

Basement Finishing

Take advantage of the high-quality basement finishing and the inexpensive rates and complimentary improvements we provide here at Basement Builder Utah.

We know that finishing your basement requires a significant time and financial commitment. But worry not because we will make sure you will make the most out of the benefits you can get from a finished basement. For the most part, we’ll take care of everything from insulating the floors to framing the walls to applying the final touches to the ceiling.

We firmly believe that every unfinished basement has the potential to become an additional area in your home that you can further personalize to improve your way of life.

basement finishing

Basement Remodel

You may already have an existing finished basement, but before turning it into an additional room, storage space, and the like, you might want to consider remodelling it. Remodelling a basement is often necessary, especially when moisture is present or has caused considerable damage.

In that case, you can benefit from working with professional remodelers who understand your needs. And where else can you find reliable basement remodeling contractors in Utah than here with us at Basement Builder Utah?

We specialize in a wide range of basement remodelling services, such as waterproofing, sealing, drainage, dehumidification, mold remediation, and foundation repair.

Basement Remodeling and Finishing: Is There a Difference?

There are some gray areas when it comes to remodeling vs. finishing your basement. So yes, there is a difference between finishing your basement and making changes to it. Remodeling a basement usually sets the stage for finishing it because it requires work to change the room’s structure, layout, and how it works. On the other hand, basement finishing is usually the last step in remodeling a basement so it can be used as a living space.

To have a finished basement, it needs to be a place where you can live. This means it needs electricity, plumbing, and flooring. The most extensive parts of remodeling a basement are taking down or adding walls and making a space that can be used for living. When you decide to remodel your basement, you are choosing to remodel the whole basement. This can mean turning it into several rooms that can be used for different things or even a separate living space with a full kitchen and bathroom.

Tenant Improvement

Do you run a company in a rented space of a building? Are you searching for a reliable company that can update, remodel, and finish your rented office space? Look no further because we’ve got your tenant improvement needs covered!

Whether you need a whole new design or a partition wall, you can always count on us. We have a team of professionals who can handle all areas of commercial tenant upgrades.

A commercial renovation does not have to be more expensive than home remodeling. Commercial upgrades and build-outs often come at a hefty price tag, but it does not mean it has to be. Hence, allow us to look after your tenant improvement needs, and you will not only get the bang for your buck, but you will also experience services of high standards.

New Basement Construction

When it comes to new basement construction, we at Basement Builder Utah have the know-how to handle the design, installation, and waterproofing. All there is left for you to do is to give your personalization requests so we can build a basement that suits your needs.

Once you enlist our services, we can provide you with a complete solution from start to end. So, whether you want an entertainment room or a home office, you can be assured that we will deliver our services according to your preferences.

Basement Additions

Additional services for your basement or your entire home may be expensive. Still, it will soon make sense to you at some point, especially if doing so will increase the value of your home in the long run. You can potentially save thousands of dollars more here at Basement Builder Utah. Thanks to our experts and their extensive knowledge and experience in providing this service, your basement additions will be in good hands. From planning your basement addition down to finishing, rest assured that we’ve got your needs covered.

Work With Reliable Basement Contractors

Buyers want a home with the most usable space and features possible. Hire a basement finishing contractor to get the features you want and the resale value you need tomorrow.

If you work with an experienced basement builder or contractor, such as Basement Builder Utah, you can change the basement’s layout to create a uniquely designed space for your family. We promise that your basement will be unique from any other in the neighborhood. Apart from finishing and remodeling, we also offer renovation and tenant improvements.